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  • Data Sheet: Service Offering Portfolio (SOP)

    Our professional services deliver a comprehensive set of services in order to plan, build and run best in class Return on Automation results by exploiting Stonebranch Universal Automation Technology in the best possible way. As a collaborative learning organization our mission is to transfer our IT automation knowledge to you unlocking true potential.

  • Data Sheet: Realtime Automation Management

    Data Sheet SAP

    Reduce time, save costs and increase agility of your automation landscape. Realtime Automation Management from REALTECH and Stonebranch enables the central orchestration and proactive control of your entire IT and business processes: from infrastructure and business services, up to IT application and IT services.

  • Data Sheet: Universal Automation Center

    Imagine a modern, efficient automation solution to drive immediate business processing, manageable from any web-enabled device. Universal Automation Center will allow you to automate your 21st century business processing, securely manage file transfers or extend a legacy scheduling solution throughout the enterprise. With the use of this modern technology, it is now possible to achieve a more intelligent, yet simple, automation solution.

  • Case Study: European Patent Office (EPO) Integrates SAPĀ®

    Case Study SAP

    The EPO has a production environment with two large mainframes, several platforms, and a server farm in a new data center. It uses SAP for its financial and personnel system known internally as FIPS. Due to the numerous different applications and platforms used for FIPS processing, the system was not fully integrated with other core applications. Multiple schedulers (crontabs) and custom FTP solutions used by various departments had led to a very amorphous production environment. More importantly, there was no centralized support within the enterprise for distributed workloads.