Product Training How to Orchestrate SAP Scheduling

Discover how to centralize real-time control, monitoring, and error-handling of SAP processes. Enable self-service automation for end-users and gain comprehensive auditability and version control. Watch the video to learn more!

Watch now to learn how to orchestrate SAP scheduling

SAP provides a wide range of software solutions (cloud or on-prem) across different business-critical areas, such as HR, finance, sales and distribution, procurement, manufacturing, supply chain management, and customer relationship management. These users interact with different SAP modules to streamline processes, manage data, and find information to make informed business decisions.

The key challenge is enabling these end-users to be self-sufficient — and automation helps you do just that. Automating complex SAP business processes reduces manual effort, increases operational efficiency, and ensures the timely execution of critical tasks. 

Watch this on-demand video to learn how Universal Automation Center helps you:

  • Run SAP jobs and process chains
  • Orchestrate SAP event monitor, SAP IBP, and data services jobs
  • Use file monitor tasks to enable real-time managed file transfers
  • Upload data to the cloud and orchestrate ETL proccess
  • Activate alerts and notifications to proactively manage issues

Duration: 20:08