Product Training How to Orchestrate Data Pipelines on AWS

Learn how to seamlessly orchestrate data transfers across AWS services and throughout your entire hybrid IT environment.

Watch now: How to Orchestrate Data Pipelines on AWS

Watch this on-demand product training video to discover how UAC can help orchestrate your AWS data pipelines, using a true-to-life business scenario that demonstrates how to:

  • Capture new sales data from various input sources, such as cloud buckets, AWS cloud databases, AWS EC2-based Windows and Linux servers, and even mainframes.
  • Ingest data into a central AWS S3 data lake.
  • Normalize and clean data using AWS Glue.
  • Load data into the AWS Redshift data warehouse.
  • Refresh a sales dashboard with new sales data and new product lines.
  • Track revenue of the top five states across multiple product lines.

Key takeaways:

  • Learn how to design and implement event-based data pipelines that automatically trigger when new data is available.
  • Discover how to integrate UAC with a wide range of data sources and third-party applications.
  • See how to use UAC to transform, cleanse, and load your AWS Redshift data to an AWS S3 data lake.
  • Monitor your AWS data pipelines in real-time to ensure they are running smoothly and efficiently.

Demo Length: 10 min

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