Analyst Report EMA Radar™ for Workload Automation (WLA) Q4:2021. Report Summary and Profile

See how each workload automation vendor stacks up in this objective report that ranks and compares every solution in the market.

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EMA Radar Report for Workload Automation 2021 identifies the leading WLA platforms and empirically compares and evaluates them against a broad range of measurements. This third-party analyst report stack ranks each vendor in the workload automation and job scheduling market to determine overall product strengths and cost efficiencies. In addition, the report explores current trends and what's changing in the IT automation space.

Once again, Stonebranch has been named the Value Leader, highlighted as a top-performing and innovating vendor. Review the details of the Universal Automation Center, and compare its capabilities to other platforms.

Inside This EMA WLA Radar™ Report:

  • Statistical analysis of WLA vendors, including comparative performance 
  • Stonebranch product architecture and software feature highlights and unique advantages from real customers
  • Objective, third-party analysis of WLA software for every vendor

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