Analyst Report EMA Global Workload Automation Market Size and Forecast 2022 to 2027: Report Summary and Profile

Discover what's to come in the world of workload automation over the next five years — and who the primary players are.

EMA Global Workload Automation Market Size and Forecast: 2022 to 2027

EMA Workload Automation (WLA) Market Size and Forecast: 2022 to 2027 estimates the WLA market could grow to as much as $5.1 billion over the next five years. Driven by digital transformation, big data, and cloud computing — and accelerated by global health events and workplace trends — WLA is experiencing an evolution that will impact the industry for decades to come. 

Inside This EMA Market Size and Forecast Report:

  • Statistical evaluation of the WLA market and the impact of recent trends, plus five-year forecasts for status quo and broader orchestration paths
  • Stonebranch product architecture and software feature highlights and unique advantages from real customers
  • Objective, third-party analysis of size and growth expectations for 19 WLA vendors

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