Video & Webcast DEMO: SAP Event Monitor: How To Trigger and Monitor Business Processes Based on SAP Events in Real-Time

Learn how to use the Universal Automation Center to integrate SAP event monitoring into your existing scheduling workflows. Watch the demo today!

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The SAP Event History Monitor integration helps Stonebranch customers enhance SAP event-based scheduling workflows. It starts by querying the SAP event history table for the selected SAP event and parameter. If the event is found, it’s confirmed so that the monitor doesn't trigger again, and it launches a task based on the event (in SAP or Universal Controller).

Key points covered in the demo include:

  • An overview of the SAP Event History Monitor and how it integrates into a business process workflow
  • How to start a business process based on an SAP event
  • How to launch any kind of task or workflow each time an event occurs in SAP
  • How to trigger an SAP event in SAP or within the Universal Controller

Demo Length: 7.5 min

Note: The SAP Event History Monitor integration is available for download in the Stonebranch Integration Hub.


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