Video & Webcast Event-Triggered Automation With UAC Using Webhook Integrations

Join Nils Buer, Director of Product Strategy at Stonebranch, as he walks through three webhook-triggered automation scenarios.

Demo: Event-triggered Automation With UAC Using Webhook Integrations

Need to share real-time data updates between applications? Webhooks enable event-driven automation quickly and easily. While working with an increasingly diverse set of systems and technologies, sharing information between them is becoming increasingly important. You could develop an API (application programming interface) integration to open up two-way communication between your systems. But if all you need is a real-time update, webhooks are the way to go.

Low-code and high-speed webhooks simplify event-driven automation to the basics: when a specific event happens in one system, the webhook sends an automated call to another. That's it. There is no longer a need to waste time and money on API development or rely on legacy polling methods or even advanced technical skills. During this detailed product demonstration, you will see several use cases as you step through the Universal Automation Center's automation capabilities.

Use cases covered in this detailed product demo:

  • DevOps: on each code commit, trigger an email notification to the DevOps team.
  • File Transfer: trigger a cloud file transfer whenever a file is uploaded to an S3 bucket.
  • SAP Process: trigger an SAP workflow based on a received PayPal payment event.