Service Offering Portfolio (SOP) at a Glance

By Michael Boon

Our professional services deliver a comprehensive set of services in order to plan, build and run best in class Return on Automation results by exploiting Stonebranch Universal Automation Technology in the best possible way. As a collaborative learning organization our mission is to transfer our IT automation knowledge to you, unlocking true potential.

We help you increase the velocity and quality of your decision making process with a set of best practice services including benchmarks, assessments and analyses for multiple automation segments such as SAP Workload, Big Data, Cloud, IT automation maturity, automation security, return on automation and many more.

Solution Highlights:

  • Supports strategic decision making
  • Accelerates innovation in workload automation
  • Cost effective, best in class, sustainable return on automation
  • Service offering tailored to unique business needs
  • Protect your existing investment in legacy systems
  • Unmatched service delivery supported by a comprehensive set of professional services