Hybrid Cloud File Transfers

By Thorsten Müller

Digital transformation presents ITexecutives with a whole range of challenges. Workloads are increasingly shifting from traditional data centers to cloud solutions in both the private and public sectors. In addition to this, organizations are facing the challenges associated with the ‘hybrid enterprise’,trying to automate the flow of business critical data and tasks in a simple yet agile way, while accelerating hybrid deployments, lowering costs, and increasing business flexibility. Stonebranch’s self-service hybrid cloud file transfer solution enables your organization to easily integrate, manage and control cloud file transfers. Start managing file transfers for any type of cloud, mainframe, distributed or hybrid environment with Stonebranch hybrid cloud file transfer solution.

With Universal Automation Center (UAC) you can centrally manage file transfers within your premises, private cloud, or public cloud, and make it the glue between both worlds to gain control over your hybrid cloud environment. This allows you to securely transfer files between your local file server (Windows, Linux), mainframe (z/Linux, z/OS) or Storage Area Network (SAN), and your Amazon S3 or Azure storage cloud services.

Key features

  • Support S3 and Azure cloud web-based scheduling
  • Integrate cloud file transfers in any automation workflow
  • Seamlessly integrate mainframe/Linux and Windows file transfers
  • Integration of a 3rd Party Application