Case Study LVM Insurance Centralizes Java Batch Scheduling with Stonebranch Workload Automation

Stonebranch's Universal Agent integrates LVM's existing batch environment with Websphere XD

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LVM, a leading insurance company with more than 2,500 independent agencies throughout Germany, introduced a new insurance application which required it to schedule Java batch jobs running within the WebSphere XD environment on AIX. LVM was unable to find a solution on the market that would allow it to use its existing z/OS job-scheduling environment and was left with the option of using two job-scheduling systems. Managing WebSphere XD batch jobs separately would have increased cost and complexity and prevented end-to-end visibility of the enterprise-wide business process flow.


  • Reduced risk by 40%
  • Enabled ability to meet strict audit and compliance mandates
  • Reduced employee effort by 60%
  • Provided end-to-end visibility via a unified, vendor-agnostic platform

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