Success Story Coop Denmark Achieves Real-Time Automation Across On-Premises and Cloud Environments with Universal Automation Center

Denmark’s leading grocery chain replaces BMC Control-M with Stonebranch Universal Automation Center, a single IT orchestration and automation platform.

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Coop Denmark needed to support an increasingly complex hybrid IT infrastructure. The company sought a universal tool that would support growing daily task volume while also seamlessly integrating with core systems like SAP and Teradata as well as cloud service platforms like Microsoft Azure. Coop chose Stonebranch’s Universal Automation Center (UAC), a state-of-the-art IT orchestration and automation platform. 


  • More than 360,000 tasks automatically processed daily, and with room to grow (up from 20,000 per day) 
  • $275,000 in annual savings from automated audit preparation  
  • $28,000 in annual savings from running Universal Automation Center virtual machines 
  • UAC implemented 83% faster and for $60,000 less than BMC Control-M 
  • $44,000 saved in training costs 
  • 25% reduction in production backlog 

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