Video & Webcast DEMO: Seamless Integration of Amazon SQS Into Any Automation Workflow

Watch this detailed product demonstration and learn how Universal Automation Center supports the integration of Amazon Simple Queue Service (SQS) into any existing or new automation workflow.

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Universal Automation Center is designed to provide a future-proof approach to helping organizations orchestrate and automate any IT or business process—all from a single platform. As a case in point, consider the rapid growth in cloud-based data infrastructures across IT organizations of all kinds. With this growth, it is becoming more and more important to eliminate the complexity and overhead associated with managing and operating message-oriented middleware like Amazon Simple Queue Service (SQS), a fully managed message-queuing service that enables organizations to decouple and scale microservices, distributed systems and serverless applications.

During this detailed product demonstration, you will see a use case of a sales-order entry process in action as you step you through the Universal Automation Center's seamless integration capabilities. Learn how to create, send and monitor SQS messages into any existing or new automation workflow.

Key learning points include how to:

  • Create, send and monitor SQS messages utilizing the SQS Universal Task
  • Seamlessly automate and process order entry data utilizing the SQS Universal Task
  • Trigger an order entry using an SQS message
  • Automatically process order entries into SAP or any other system

Demo Length: 9.5 min

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