Replace BMC Control-M Scheduler with Stonebranch

Replace BMC Control-M with Universal Automation Center Stonebranch Provides a Powerful Workload Automation and Job Scheduling Platform for All Scheduling Needs

Universal Automation Center provides a modern, scalable, efficient, secure and web-enabled best in class workload automation solution. With dynamic workload management, a single point of control, graphical workflow definitions, integrated dashboards and reporting we assure the best return on automation by reducing complexity, minimizing errors and enabling a vendor-free environment to leverage Enterprise License Agreement (ELA) renewal time. It's time to break free and try out our industry redefining Universal Automation Center.

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Benefits of UAC Stonebranch Universal Automation Center simplifies the way operational staff define and manage end-to-end business processes to achieve maximum acceleration.

Less Configuration Effort

UAC dashboard shows all the installed components. Universal Agents self-register with the Universal Controller, eliminating the configuration effort for managing the Universal Automation Center environment.


Universal Automation Center is a 100% web-based technology. No client installation or maintenance is needed. All the tools within Universal Controller can be accessed via the Web with appropriate security (LDAP) setup.


Security can be as granular as needed to ensure proper credentials are in place. An internal or external user can submit transcations to the Universal Automation Center depending on appropriate security presets.

Change Management

Universal Automation Center provides an comprehensive audit trail to any database update or change. The audit also provides detailed information about what was changed. There is also versioning control, which provides a very powerful change management mechanism.

Effective Reporting

Universal Automation Center provides powerful activity reports to monitor critical batch services along with notifications. Overall more than 20 monitor processing features are available.


Ongoing maintenance and upgrades are a lot easier because fewer components need to be worked on i.e., one database, no thick client to install and maintain.

How to Migrate and Transition to Universal Automation Center

"Stonebranch’s automation solution has many benefits, but the most important factor in our decision to switch was how dramatically it lowered our support costs.“

“The user base can now manage their requests independently and this allows our engineers to focus on improvements to our core product and the development of net new features and applications. Stonebranch frees up our skills and time".

Michael Bayha,
System Engineer II, Expedia Group

Expedia Groups existing Workload Automation system was built upon an outdated platform with an outdated licensing scheme, and a cumbersome thick client, which was problematic for developers and end users to self-serve and deliver business value. In order to remain a leader in the competitive travel technology industry, Expedia Group needed a modern, scalable and secure automation solution.

Stonebranch was selected over other IT Automation vendors for a variety of reasons, but first and foremost is Universal Automation Center’s ease of use and self-service capabilities. Stonebranch’s cutting-edge technology combined with best-in-class services provides the fastest and most dynamic way to automate business processes and transform to the next generation dynamic data center.

No thick client was required and the API was extremely robust, enabling Expedia Group to expedite many of their automation and maintenance scenarios. Furthermore, upgrading the solution was seamless and simple.

Migrating from Expedia Group’s former Workload Automation software to Stonebranch’s UAC went extremely well. Expedia Group was able to manage 90% of the transition by themselves. With less time in operational work, they were able to focus their efforts on the development and deployment of additional tools, platforms and features that enhance their competitive advantage. Onboarding times have been reduced from one week to one day and tasks require 50% less effort. Stonebranch helps them save time and increase productivity.

With a far more economical total costs and a rapid and smooth transition to modernization, Expedia Group experienced a tremendous Return on Automation by switching to Stonebranch.

Don't feel locked into using outdated workload automation platform when a less expensive, more modern Scheduler is available. Start the seamless integration now and replace your existing scheduler for a smarter and easier way to dynamically manage your processes and workloads.

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