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Universal Automation Center

Universal Automation Center (UAC) is the most modern, efficient and dynamic IT automation solution to drive immediate business processing manageable from any web-enabled device.

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Universal Automation Center (UAC) is a system of four dynamic IT automation products allowing you to automate your 21st century business processing, securely manage file transfers or extend a legacy scheduling solution throughout the enterprise. With the use of our dynamic automation technology, it is now possible to achieve a more intelligent automation solution. Whether your automation needs are simple or quite complex and cumbersome, the capabilities of Universal Automation Center can be managed using a 100% Web2.0-based

interface, where you can automate these tasks into the cohesive workflow you’ve imagined. Enterprise-level businesses can now give the entire IT organization and all business users complete system transparency, as well as operational control and insight. Use Universal Automation Center to reduce outages, ensure compliance and ease troubleshooting. Universal Automation Center includes Universal Controller, Universal Agent (use with any scheduling engine), Universal Data Mover and UDM Gateway.

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Universal Controller

Universal Controller is the UAC workload automation and job scheduling software. A central component of the controller is the integrated drag-and-drop workflow definition tool. This feature allows you to define workflows that closely model your business processes.

  • Define business processes via graphical workflows.
  • Integrated role-based security.
  • Clustering for fault tolerance and high availability.
  • Dynamic workload management.
  • Dashboard customization capabilities.

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Universal Agent

Universal Agent is a vendor-independent scheduling agent that collaborates with existing job schedulers on all major computing platforms, both legacy and distributed. All schedulers that run on: z/Series, i/Series, UNIX, Linux, Windows are supported.

  • Implement event driven scheduling and web-services scheduling.
  • A single agent for multiple schedulers.
  • Modernize your legacy job scheduler.
  • A single agent for automation tasks.
  • A single point of control.

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Universal Data Mover

UDM is a unique enterprise managed file transfer solution, helping enterprises orchestrate their data supply chain as part of their automation and transformation initiatives.

  • Secure, fault tolerant protocol.
  • Centralized audit and reporting.
  • Built-in file monitoring and web services.
  • Third party transfers.
  • Advanced scripting.

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Universal Data Mover Gateway

Universal Data Mover Gateway automates, secures and simplifies your B2B file transfer processes and offers high-availability with synchronized production and failover servers.

  • Secure B2B file transfers.
  • Platform independence.
  • End-to-end automation.
  • High performance and availability.
  • Consolidated control.

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Why Choose Universal Automation Center?

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Value Leader and Visionary

Recognized by Gartner as the most innovative workload automation vendor, and EMA as the value leader for IT automation.

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Full Automation Suite

Provides a full-function, secure, robust technology across the enterprise. With the integrated UDM component, it manages the digital supply chain of any enterprise from one single context, providing data to any application, in any format and to any place!

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Fast Setup and Maintenance

Universal Automation Center is usually ready to process in less than 2 hours. When used with the Universal Controller, the Universal Agents will self-register with the managing engine, making for a seamless transition.

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Ease of Use

Universal Automation Center architecture is focused solely on ease of use, administration and self-service capabilities.

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Customer Support

Our support experts have direct access to the development team, enabling them to deliver excellent support by providing fast and accurate responses to customers.

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Integration with any scheduler or automation engine or client, including ITPA and Business Process Management (BPM).

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