Improve and orchestrate your daily job scheduling software processes with the Universal Automation Center for modern and efficient workload automation.

Orchestrate your Daily Job Scheduling Processes with the Universal Automation Center

A modern, efficient automation solution to drive immediate business processing manageable from any web-enabled device.

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Are you Ready to Experience a Return on Automation?

In a complex world, your businesses processes should be simple. Stonebranch helps enterprises scale their processes efficiently and securely. Are you ready to experience a return on automation?

Watch our intro video and see how Stonebranch can streamline your IT business processes, delivering the efficiencies and peace of mind you’ve always dreamed of.

Universal Controller Intelligent automation for the modern data center

Universal Controller applies emerging technology to the challenges of today's automation. This seamless integration reduces complexity, minimizes errors and vastly improves your ability to access comprehensive visualizations of your data and workflows.

Single solution for the enterprise

Clustering for fault tolerance and high availability

Pure web interface

Dynamic workload management

Defined business processes via graphical workflows

Powerful integrations

Integrated role-based security

Dashboards, reporting and customizations

Universal Agent The only universal job scheduling agent on the market

Don't feel locked into only using the expensive agents from the provider of your scheduling or workload automation engine. Save money and break free from the stronghold vendors try to leverage at Enterprise License Agreement (ELA) renewal time.


A single agent for multiple schedulers

Implement event driven scheduling

Modernize your legacy job scheduler

Best-in-class Return on Automation

A single agent for automation tasks

Implement web-services scheduling

A single point of control

Universal Data Mover Secure and reliable file transfer for the data center

Universal Data Mover provides the features and capabilities needed to implement advanced management and automation of the business processes dependent on the data moving throughout the IT infrastructure.

Secure, fault tolerant protocol

Third party transfers

Centralized audit and reporting 

Advanced scripting

Built-in file monitoring and web services

Integrated monitoring and alerts

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