Stonebranch provides a truly universal job scheduler to fully replace your existing workload automation software and job scheduler.

Replace Cisco Tidal with a Universal Workload Automation Platform Stonebranch Universal Controller Provides a Powerful Orchestration Solution for all Scheduling Needs at a Reasonable Price

The development of Cisco Tidal has become stagnant in recent years and it's unclear if the product will see sufficient support in the future. Don't feel locked into only using Tidal. You can save money and break free from the stronghold vendors try to leverage at Enterprise License Agreement (ELA) renewal time. Stonebranch provides a truly universal job scheduling or workload automation platform that can be used with any of the marketed scheduling products, other third-party vendor scheduling products and even homegrown solutions.

Calculate Project Duration

Calculate the Duration of Your Replacement Project

Your transition project will take approx. 5 days.

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What's inside
  • Project duration
  • System architecture
  • Short project description
  • Transition Methodology

7 Steps of Transition Operation Methodology


Project definition and implementation of architecture


Transition and definition of change process, identification of adoptions


Transition process implemented, test and approval criteria defined


Data transition completed, workload ready for inspection and testing


All defined and transitioned data inspected and approved, ready for cut-over


The existing solution is replaced, universal command is live


Smooth transition accomplished, successful project closure

How we Migrate existing Projects

"The flexibility of the Stonebranch platform is boundless. We now have automations that can alert on any step of the workflow and page out the proper team to address the failure.

The services provided by Stonebranch during the implementation were excecuted exactly as they said they would. We were very impressed."

Earl Diem, IT Operations Manager at PSCU

We are providing a proven methodology for the transition of workload management systems such as Tidal to the 21st century workload automation engine Universal Automation Center. Our methodology (7 Steps of Transition) has been developed and enhanced over the last decade for successful transitions from any scheduling engine to the Stonebranch Universal Automation Center.

During a transition project, we are implementing the Universal Automation Center without a shutdown of your running legacy job scheduling solution. Over the years, the methodology has been optimized for the needs of UAC and has been proven successful with transitions by more than 250+ clients worldwide.

The center of all transition approaches is the Stonebranch Transition Engine, a rule-based utility reading the current Tidal database. It creates, based on customer specific migration rules, new definitions which are used to automatically transform your jobs, tasks and scheduling definitions into Stonebranch UAC.

As part of our initial analysis, we provide a detailed statement of work describing all efforts required for the transition of your existing solution, including resource definitions and scope of the migration, allowing a fact-based go/no-go decision for a transition project.

Start the seamless integration now – for a smarter and easier way to manage and orchestrate your processes and workloads.

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We show you in this video, how easily transformation is, when you use the XCT conversion tool for migrating your existing configurations.

You will get deeper insights on both Windows and Linux transition and see how fast and convenient the tasks can be set up in Universal Automation Center.

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