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Dynamic Workload Automation

Workload Automation (WLA) software orchestrates and automates business processes from a single point of view. Event-based scheduling occurs in real time, adjusting to your immediate business needs. Discover workload automation and what benefits it offers your organization.

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WLA, like job scheduling, is a solution for automating background processes. It supports multiple business applications and workflows, including cross-systems dependencies. It automates entire business systems, including heterogeneous server environments, by considering planned activities and information. It combines the best available solutions to orchestrate an intelligent decision-making process for IT

Automation. Essentially, workload automation integrates job scheduling into real-time business automation. With the Universal Automation Center, Stonebranch provides Business Automation Solutions that go beyond simple job scheduling, transforming static solutions into dynamic environments constantly through the practice of real-time, intuitive workload automation.

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Bring your Business to the Next Level

With dynamic WLA, you can provide your business with the right information at precisely the right time.

Dynamic Workload Automation

With dynamic workload automation, businesses can take job scheduling to a new level. You will instantly increase the performance and productivity of your IT staff by moving the complexity to the engine and managing all processes in a convenient GUI. This will simultaneously reduce costs and improve service quality, allowing your IT department to focus on innovative solutions rather than defensive updates and restoration.

Intelligent scheduling can be set to rely not only on specific dates and times, but on data particularities, such as allocating appropriate resources according to your business needs. Workload automation's immediate benefits also include labor savings, system-wide improvements, increased overall speed, intelligent and predictive resource allocation, and endless opportunities for business growth.

The Advantage of Dynamic Workload Automation

Stonebranch provides an enterprise workload automation broker that allows you to manage the workload of your entire enterprise on any platform, from a web-based interface.


Easy to Use

 Install or upgrade your systems with minimal effort. Lean and mean technology; “do it yourself” capability. Self-service enabled user interface.

Central Control

Manage the workload of your entire enterprise from any platform. Make sweeping changes with one click. Stress-free system restoration with no disruption.


Easily and effortlessly pivot based on changing market conditions and internal requirements. Adapt with lightning speed. Face change with confidence.

Cost Optimization

Simultaneously reduce overhead and increase business value. Lower labor costs translate to more innovation. Dynamically automating key processes leads to business growth.


The dynamic model protects your investment. Best practice security configuration both to and from your environment. Sensitive data never leaves your servers.

High Availability

React instantaneously to daily business challenges. Fault-tolerant architecture. Automated disaster recovery means your business is always up and running.

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