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SAP Automation Easily Automate your SAP Background Processes, Reliable and Secure with Universal Automation Center

Achieve end-to-end visibility, accessibility, and manageability of complex, mission-critical SAP jobs with Stonebranch’s enterprise-wide and seamless workload automation and job scheduling integration for SAP.

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Improve the Value of your SAP Investments and Reduce Complexity Manage and Control Business Processes Across your SAP Environment and Beyond

"Stonebranch convinced us in every way right from the start. I've never seen SAP job scheduling run more powerfully or smoothly than with Stonebranch's technology and I have been in the SAP business for a very long time.

This was a true competitive advantage for us and remains so today."

Klaus Ecksteing, SAP Specialist at HUK-Coburg, Insurance

The continuous digitization is forcing companies to rethink their traditional models of SAP background processing or SAP Job Scheduling and adapt new practices enabling the management and control of the entire SAP landscape across all processes and platforms (i.e. 3rd party applications like BI systems, ETL systems and file transfer solutions, etc.) to eliminate slow, manual or error prone processing.

Furthermore, both SAP and non-SAP data that resides on Windows-based or Unix/Linux servers, in the Cloud or on mainframes needs to be integrated easily. With modern workload automation software you can simply

improve your SAP background process and remove the limitations of the native SAP CCMS (Computing Center Management System) based Job Scheduler (SM36) by transitioning to Stonebranch's Universal Automation Center. Providing much more functionalities and agility than the CCMS scheduler Universal Automation Center will support you in addition with an easy to use integration with all 3rd party applications. Switching to an event-based workload automation approach solves your SAP background processing challenges, be it financial, logistics, manufacturing, HR or retail. Get the most out of your SAP investments and start automating your SAP jobs and workloads today.

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Are you Ready to Experience the Benefits of an automatic conversion and optimization for native SAP Scheduling?

Experience how you can move automatically from the native SAP Computing Center Management System (CCMS) based Job Scheduler (SM36) towards Universal Automation Center by using the Stonebranch Xpress Conversion Toolkit.

After the transition, you will be able to define and schedule your SAP and non-SAP Jobs entirely via the Universal Automation Center Web-based user interface. No SAP-GUI log-in is required anymore.

Key Capabilities of SAP Automation Stonebranch Universal Automation Center simplifies the way operational staff, application developers and users define and manage end-to-end SAP based business processes to achieve maximum SAP acceleration.

Free-up Time and Resources

Free-up quality time for your SAP and operations team to focus on more valuable tasks. Perform and integrate all relevant workload and tasks to your existing SAP automation processing. Increase error handling by controlling the entire SAP process consisting of SAP and Non-SAP tasks as well as automatically react on incidents before they get critical.

Easy Integration and Transistion

Integrate your SAP workloads easy, secure and reliable. Through our Xpress Conversion Tool (XCT) in combination with our unique Universal Connector for SAP our certified solution for the latest SAP Hana and SAP NetWeaver versions including SAP Business Warehouse features, and additional capabilities to manage process chains and info packages.

Compliance and Comprehensive Security

Achieve full compliance, security and governance across all your business processes. Eliminate manual errors and perform transparent and monitored workflows by utilizing the latest security standards. No local access to the SAP system or GUI is required.

Built-in Managed File Transfers (MFT)

Add file transfers easily, like any other task into your SAP workflow with our built-in MFT solution. Transfer sensitive SAP input data between your SAP application server and any platform — even a mainframe — in a secure, fast and reliable way.

Real-time Control and Auditability

Visualize your entire SAP job scheduling and SAP background processing in real-time and create reports for auditing easily for any scheduling related activity. Use the drill down functionality to analyze jobs up to the level of system log files even while the ABAP script is still executing in SAP.

Faster Business Processing

Orchestrate and automate any business process as it runs across SAP and non-SAP systems by utilizing our Web-GUI. Speed-up processing and optimize parallel execution of SAP ABAP code to accelerate and reduce your SAP workload dynamically.

Featured SAP Automation Products and Services

Universal Connector for SAP

Improve your operational quality and simplify automation integration for business-critical SAP processes.

Xpress Conversion Tool for SAP

The only self-managed integration solution for converting and automating SAP jobs.

Automated SAP System Copy and Refresh

Increase data & application quality and automate your SAP System Copy Processes easily and secure.

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