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Linux Automation Made Easy

Struggling with the automation capabilities of your existing Linux job scheduler? Eliminate the drawbacks of your existing Cron scheduling environment. How do you think about full process transparency, cross server funtionality, realtime resource control, auditability and event based scheduling?

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Are you Ready to Experience a Fast Automation Transition?

We show you in this video, how easily transformation is, when you use the XCT conversion tool for migrating your existing configurations.

You will get deeper insights on both Windows and Linux transition and see how fast and convenient the tasks can be set up in Universal Automation Center.

End-to-End Automation for Linux Analysis, Optimization and Automation of Cron executed scripts

Managing, controlling and automating business critical data and tasks doesn’t have to be challenging, limited to local servers or time consuming. The automation of Cron jobs and tasks can be made very easy. With Stonebranch you can easily eliminate all the drawbacks of your existing Cron scheduling environment. Stonebranch’s Universal Automation Center and our Xpress Conversion Tool (XCT) enables you to efficiently manage, integrate and automate your Cron jobs (Cron triggered scripts) with your IT landscape, without the need to redesign your current business process logic. Improve the value of your IT investment with our modern, efficient automation solutions to drive immediate business processing manageable from any web-enabled device.

  • No upfront hardware investment. 100% Web-based enterprise job scheduling and workload automation operations
  • Fully customizable Web-GUI. Centralized setup, control and monitoring of all processes
  • Self-service conversion. No heavy migration projects via Stonebranch Xpress Conversion Tool (XCT)
  • Central management and control of all scripts via script library
  • Decreased batch processing time. Real-time resource control of event and time-based tasks
  • Fully customizable audit trail reports. Supporting industry standards, such as HIPAA, SOX, GLBA

Automation Made Easy. The 4 Steps of Xpress Conversion Tool The ultimate Crontab alternative for Linux: Automate your Cron jobs with stonebranch’s Xpress Conversion Tool (XCT)

Stonebranch's Xpress Conversion Tool, enables the completely self-managed conversion of your Cron jobs and tasks towards Universal Automation Center. No complex migration planning is required. The Stonebranch Cronfinder utility collects all your system and user specific Cron tabs based on a defined server and user list. Following the four simple steps of an automatic transition (find, read, convert, load). As a result you will have a one on one transition of your existing Cron jobs towards a UAC Cron trigger, and you will be able to immediately start scheduling your jobs via our realtime web-based GUI.

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