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Stonebranch Hybrid Cloud File Transfers Seamless integration of hybrid Cloud file transfers into existing scheduling workflows.

Cloud services play an important role in transforming into a digital enterprise. With our self-service enabled hybrid Cloud file transfer solution you can easily integrate, manage and control Cloud file transfers. Stonebranch provides a single solution for the entire enterprise, that allows the integration of internal and Cloud file transfers into any existing job scheduling workflow. Start scheduling file transfers from the Cloud or to the Cloud and between Azure or AWS with no ramp-up time or cost-intensive hardware investments.

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Improve the Value of your Job Scheduling Investment

Enhance the availability of out-of-the-box automation and enable enterprise job scheduling for internal and hybrid Cloud file transfers with Universal Automation Center (UAC)


Hybrid Cloud File Transfers

With Universal Automation Center (UAC) you can centrally manage file transfers within your premises, private cloud, or public cloud, and make it the glue between both worlds to gain control over your hybrid Cloud environment. This allows you to securely transfer files between your local file server (Windows, Linux), mainframe or SAN, and your Amazon S3 or Azure Storage cloud services.

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Experience the Benefits of Secure Web-based Scheduling for Amazon S3 and Azure Blob Storage transfers.

Learn how you can securely enable web-based scheduling for Amazon S3 and Azure Blob storage transfers. Integrate your Cloud file transfers in any existing workload automation workflow and trigger your

transfers from 3rd party applications utilizing our REST API. Achieve cost savings by utilizing a single solution for enterprise job scheduling including internal and Cloud file transfers.

Why choose Stonebranch Hybrid Cloud File Transfer Solution?

Benefit from the value leader in Enterprise Job Scheduling and get control of all internal and hybrid cloud File Transfers


Scheduling Modernization

Easily integrate Cloud file transfers into any existing job scheduling workflow using self-service enabled capabilities of UAC. Schedule file transfers from Cloud applications incl. container based on Openshift.

Cloud Innovation

Be always up-to-date and get all software updates and changes via our GitHub based Universal Task concept. Access all available features and tasks easily through our open source marketplace.


Benefit from a central log-in and security concept supporting secure LDAP, AD and SAML. Trigger virus protection for outbound and inbound file transfers. Utilize HTTPS communication with proxy support towards AWS and Azure.

Cost Savings

Optimize your costs by deploying a single solution for enterprise job scheduling. Leverage existing Universal Agent infrastructures or choose our hybrid Cloud SaaS model, with no ramp-up time and upfront hardware investment.

DevOps Ready

Stonebranch enables customer initiatives for DevOps and DevOps automation by supporting Workload Automation as a Code (WLA as Code) based on a modern streamlined code base and product infrastructure.

Availability & Reusability

Integrate your existing Stonebranch file transfer solution easily and reuse your existing Universal Agent infrastructure in the Cloud. Our hybrid Cloud file transfer solution is high-available by using a database with three availability zones (SaaS).

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