Workload automation safe and easy with Stonebranch's cloud based Workload Automation for complex multi-platform scheduling

Cloud-based Workload Automation The easy way to immediately automate your business processes

Managing, controlling and automating the flow of business critical data and tasks doesn't have to be challenging, time consuming or cost-intensive.

Stonebranch's cloud based Workload Automation solves complex multi-platform scheduling challenges and enables end-to-end automation and scheduling for all workloads and business processes without any upfront hardware investment or intense local installation procedures.

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Are you Ready to Experience a Return on Automation?

In a complex world, your businesses processes should be simple. Stonebranch helps enterprises scale their processes efficiently and securely. Are you ready to experience a return on automation?

Watch our intro video and see how Stonebranch can streamline your IT business processes, delivering the efficiencies and peace of mind you’ve always dreamed of.

Easily Start your Automation Initiative in the Cloud

Secure, high availability and cost-effective

Are you struggling with your cloud initiatives? Do you feel trapped by business, financial or infrastructure requirements? Can you confidently answer questions from your business leaders, such as:

  • What is our cloud strategy?
  • How does moving to the cloud support our digital business initiatives?
  • Is it possible to move our automation landscape to a cloud-based model?

The answer is here: Stonebranch can help you to automate your Cloud Business Applications and run your existing automation environment in the cloud, with the fastest and most agile way to automate your business, the most secure products on the market, and the highest Return on Automation. Discover cloud-based Workload Automation now.

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Cloud-based Workload Automation Tailored to your individual needs

Stonebranch cloud-based workload automation enables your organization to easily start scheduling your business processes via a 100% web based solution without any major upfront investment. Secure and reliable with a best in class operations model. Reduce your IT support costs now.

  • No upfront hardware investment.
    100% web based operations
  • Preconfigured and tested cloud installation images for reduced setup time and increased quality
  • Integrated service application lifecycle management (ALM) based on ITIL
  • Single solution for scheduling and managed file transfer. Can be used with any 3rd-party schedule
  • Highly scalable and bank proven data security with preconfigured geo-redundancy
  • Premium 24/7 support

The 3 Steps to Universal Automation Center in the Cloud

Easy and quick preconfigured rollout

Rollout of a preconfigured OVA cloud image based on individual requirements/existing scheduling landscape for reduced setup time and increased quality

Pre-packaged agent installation

Universal Agent Installation using preconfigured packages (Unix, Linux, Windows, IBM, zOS) for each server you want to schedule

Setup & full control via web GUI

Setup of scheduling related tasks (configuration, monitoring and control) via web browser. Highly scalable, reliable and secure

Advantages at a Glance

Integrated Service Application Lifecycle Management (ALM)

With our integrated service ALM we support you throughout all stages of the service lifecycle process, from service strategy, design, transition and operations up to continuous service improvements

Highly scalable and bank proven data security

Full automatic Audit Trails of the complete solution supporting your HIPAA and SOX audit requirements, among others including multi-tenant and role-based security concept (LDAP, Active Directory)

Single Solution for the Enterprise

No upfront hardware investment. 100% web based operations. Single solution for scheduling and managed file transfer. Database, SOA and certified SAP scheduling with any legacy scheduler.