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Xpress Conversion Tool for SAP

The easy way to automatically integrate, manage and control SAP jobs. Eliminate the drawbacks of your native SAP CCMS based job scheduler and enable enterprise-wide workload automation easily and secure by automatically converting your SAP job definitions with Stonebranch’s Xpress Conversion Tool (XCT) towards Universal Automation Center (UAC).

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Stonebranch's Xpress Conversion Tool easily transforms all your existing SAP and non-SAP configurations automatically into Universal Automation Center. XCT supports a completely self-managed conversion without any complex migration planning. Find, Read, Convert, Load – four simple steps to follow – to get you back in full control of your SAP and

non-SAP business processes. For maximum performance, a better value of your SAP investment, a higher level of automation, and freed-up time of your SAP experts. Leverage your SAP investments, and enable end-to-end control of your SAP Business Processes. Jump-start your automatic conversion and optimization for native SAP Scheduling now.

Experience the Benefits of an Automatic Conversion and Optimization for Native SAP Scheduling

This video demonstrates how you can move from the native SAP CCMS based job scheduler (SM36) towards UAC by using the Stonebranch Xpress Conversion Toolkit. After the transition, you will be able to define, manage and schedule your SAP and non-SAP Jobs entirely via the Universal Controller Web-GUI. No SAP-GUI log-in is required anymore.

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Key Capabilities of SAP Automation

Universal Automation Center provides the most user friendly and intuitive GUI of the currently available IT automation solutions. Completely customizable to the users’ needs complex automation scenarios can be achieved easily without in depth knowledge. Find, Read, Convert, Load – four simple steps to follow – to get you back in full control of your SAP background processes.

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Mouse with cord icon blue outline representing the Improved Control of XCT for SAP

Improved Control

Increased transparency, control, visibility and auditability of end-to-end SAP processes.

layers icon blue outline representing Centralized Management feature of XCT for SAP

Centralized Management

Central orchestration and automation of your entire workflows including rule-based decisions and actions.

rocket icon blue outline representing Greater Acceleration achieved with XCT for SAP

Greater Acceleration

Implement faster processes and better performance for your existing infrastructure.

eye icon blue outline representing the Increased Transparency available with XCT for SAP

Increased Transparency

Eliminate manual errors and perform transparent and monitored workflows.

checkmark to do list icon blue outline representing the ability to remain Compliant using XCT for SAP

Stay Compliant

Achieve full compliance and security.

money bag icon dollar sign representing Increase in Revenue possible with XCT for SAP

Increase Revenue

Optimize costs and save time and resources.

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