Video & Webcast UAC 7.5 Observability and OpenTelemetry

Discover how Universal Automation Center (UAC) uses OpenTelemetry standards to improve observability across the enterprise.

Watch to learn more! | OpenTelemetry Comes to UAC for Enhanced Observability

Universal Automation Center (UAC) now integrates with OpenTelemetry, the observability standard, to collect and send telemetry data for real-time observability. This allows you to gain insights into the performance and behavior of your distributed systems, and to identify and troubleshoot errors quickly and easily.

In this video, Stonebranch CTO Peter Baljet discusses observability and analytics. He’s joined by Nils Buer, Director of Solution Management, who provides an overview of how UAC uses OpenTelemetry standards to collect and send metric, trace, and log data from UAC to any OpenTelemetry-compatible APM (application performance monitoring) tool, such as Prometheus, Grafana, and Jaeger.

Video length: 6 min

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