Product Training How to Connect UAC with any IT System in Your Hybrid IT Environment

Join James Burke, Stonebranch, as he shows how easy it is to use pre-built integrations to orchestrate UAC workflows across a variety of popular apps, services, and systems.

Watch the Training: Connecting UAC with any IT System in Your Hybrid IT Environment

Ready to connect the UAC to more third-party applications? Want to extend and centralize your control of automated processes into cloud, data, developer, and business tools?

The Universal Extensions and templates in the Stonebranch Integration Hub help you easily integrate with third-party applications or platforms. Join James Burke, Stonebranch, as he walks you through:

  • How Universal Extensions work, and where they help.
  • The different types of integration with the UAC.
  • The three steps — download, import, configure — to activate integrations and extensions in the Universal Controller.

This training demonstration is ideal for all business and technical users of UAC, especially those connected to IT Ops and Development.

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