Webinar Jobs-as-Code for DevOps - Move Workflows to Source Control Management Repositories

Watch this on-demand webinar recording and learn how to leverage your DevOps model, and how modern workload automation solutions can support a Jobs-as-Code model.

Watch Webinar Recording

During this on-demand webinar, solution engineer Alex Sushko presents Jobs-as-Code for DevOps, which enables enterprises to seamlessly integrate automation into the native solutions they work in every day, regardless of their specialty.

Alex demonstrates how to use a jobs-as-code method to fuse the Universal Automation Center with your DevOps process and seamlessly transfer UAC objects like tasks, triggers, and scripts to SCM repositories like GitHub. Also, you will learn how to check out files to any IDE, such as Visual Studio, to modify or create new configurations, as well as how to propagate changes to the next environment, such as QA and Production.

Topics covered include:

  • What is DevOps?
  • What is CI/CD?
  • Common DevOps Tools and Best Practices
    • Jobs-as-Code Process Overview
    • Jobs-as-Code Process - ETL Architecture
  • Live Demo: Seamless Transfer to Source Control Management Repositories

Duration: 49:43

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