Video & Webcast Stonebranch Innovation Europe 2022. Highlights and Exceptional Moments from Amsterdam

A few of the most awesome moments from Europe's premier IT automation event for Stonebranch customers, partners and prospects.

Demo: Event-triggered Automation With UAC Using Webhook Integrations

Innovation Europe is Stonebranch's premier European event for IT automation professionals who want to deepen their knowledge and network with Stonebranch customers, partners, and like-minded peers. During this event, participants have the opportunity to hear about the latest trends in real-time hybrid IT automation, experience hands-on guidance, learn proven automation best practices, and gain insights from other Stonebranch users.

Have a watch and get inspired by some of the most exceptional highlights and moments from Innovation Europe 2022, held at the Trippenhuis in Amsterdam, including testimonials from top-rated customers like Achmea, VIP, KBC Group, and more.

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