Video & Webcast Demo: Practical Ways to Automate Jobs in Multi-Cloud, Hybrid Cloud, and Containerized Environments

Guest speakers from Achmea and HCA Healthcare demonstrate how they automate in real-time across cloud environments.

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Many organizations struggle to efficiently automate integrated workflows across their multi-cloud environments and hybrid IT ecosystems. Never-ending cloud migrations, on-premises-to-cloud data transfers, and container-deployment requests needlessly burden central IT teams and distract from strategic initiatives.

These five real-world cloud automation use-cases will help you rise above it all. In this session, Gerlof Bril, Integration Architect at Achmea, and Lea Latendresse, Enterprise Data Intelligence Architect at HCA Healthcare, join Stonebranch’s Scott Davis and Karthik Mohan, to demonstrate how to:

  • Meta-orchestrate IT processes across on-prem systems, clouds, and containers.
  • Securely transfer data in multi-cloud and hybrid-cloud environments.
  • Automate in real-time, using event triggers that allocate and execute runtime resources.
  • Reduce virtual sprawl by automating on-demand container deployment and clean-up.
  • Enable cross-cloud and cross-application interoperability for a silo-free IT ecosystem.

This technical demonstration offers hybrid IT inspiration for Cloud, IT Ops, and Data audiences.

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