Data Sheet Universal Data Mover (UDM). The secure and reliable solution for enterprise file transfers

The Centralized and Self-Managing File Transfer Solution built for integration with your workload automation tools, delivering a unified strategy for moving large files between legacy and distributed applications

Universal Data Mover

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Does the way you move data fully support the productivity of your business? Moving files between applications and platforms within the data center often needs to be coordinated with other activities. Dependencies exist among extract programs, external transfers, scripts, application processes and others. Universal Data Mover allows any data center to seamlessly manage the movement of files in concert with all of the application processes that create, transform, and consume these data files. Universal Data Mover seamlessly integrates with the Universal Manager or your existing workload automation tools and procedures.

Key Facts and Figures

  • Secure Protocol
  • Built-in File Monitoring and Web Services
  • Fault Tolerant Protocol
  • 3rd Party Transfers
  • Centralized Audit and Reporting
  • Advanced Scripting

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