SAP Automation and SAP Scheduling

Reliable & Secure Automation of SAP Background Processes

By Thorsten Müller

Improve your SAP processing and remove the limitations of your native SAP CCMS based Job Scheduler (SM36) by transitioning to Stonebranch‘s Universal Automation Center. Providing much more functionalities and agility than the CCMS scheduler, Universal Automation Center will support you with an easy-to-use integration to all 3rd party applications. Switching to an event-based workload automation approach solves your background processing challenges, be it financial, logistics, manufacturing, HR or retail. Get the most out of your SAP investments and start automating your SAP jobs and workloads today.

We help you free-up time and resources of your SAP and operations team. Discover the easy way to automatically integrate, manage and control your SAP background processes.

Solution Highlights:

  • Faster Business Processing
  • Self-Service Conversion
  • Single Point of Control
  • Easy Integration and Transition
  • Compliance and Comprehensive Security
  • Real-time Control and Auditability
  • Built-in Managed File Transfers (MFT)