The Easy Way to Cloud-Based Workload Automation

By Michael Boon

Stonebranch’s cloud based Workload Automation solves complex multi-platform scheduling challenges and enables end-to-end automation and scheduling for all workloads and business processes without any upfront hardware investment or intense local installation procedures.

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Managing, controlling and automating the flow of business critical data and tasks doesn’t have to be challenging, time consuming or cost-intensive.

Solution Highlights:

  • No upfront hardware investment. 100% web based operations.
  • Single solution for scheduling and managed file transfer. Can be used with any 3rd-party scheduler.
  • Preconfigured and tested cloud installation images for reduced setup time and increased quality
  • Highly scalable and bank proven data security with preconfigured geo-redundancy
  • Integrated service application lifecycle management (ALM) based on ITIL