Success Story Groupon Eliminates Automation Downtime with Universal Automation Center

Global Leader of local commerce and merchant solutions replaces SOS Berlin with Stonebranch Universal Automation Center to increase reliability and efficiency

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Ever since Groupon began operations in Germany, it had used open-source software from SOS Berlin for job scheduling. However, the solution had become unstable and was beginning to miss key deadlines. It failed at least once every two weeks and sometimes as often as three times a week. Each time, an administrator had to spend 20 minutes finding and fixing the problem before operations could re-start. In addition, the IT team could not schedule or run a task on a server unless SOS Berlin was already installed on it. Therefore, Groupon wanted a solution that could schedule and run tasks on a remote system without having to install workload automation software first.


  • 10 times faster deployment and no training time needed
  • 30 hours average annual unplanned downtime eliminated to date
  • $11,000 in reduced hardware costs
  • Significant improved resilience and ease of use

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