No Transformation without Automation

By Detlef Purschke

If a business lasts a long time – decades, say – then every generation or so, it reaches a point when it simply has to pivot to survive or risk fading away.

If it doesn’t – if it doesn’t adapt – if it doesn’t embrace new technology and processes, and if it doesn’t manage change, then its very existence is threatened.

Kodak is a company that comes to mind. Blockbuster is another. Sears seems to be trying hard to join the list.

Let me expand on that

With the advent of modern cloud computing and the expectation that businesses will begin an era of continuous delivery – the point has been reached for any IT business engaged in the global economy – where they need to pivot to meet the exponentially growing demand to change. Any company around the world that manages customers and the flow of data, yet chooses not to, is at risk of falling behind.

But how do companies change – what’s the roadmap for transformation?

I don’t say that lightly – and at Stonebranch we don’t take that lightly. We understand how hard it is for a company to change course while trying to maintain their business. Software development took a lot of effort and skill back in the seventies. It hasn’t gotten easier since.

Developing software continuously means businesses have to be able to process their backlogs faster, attack new functional requirements relentlessly, and somehow maintain nonfunctional requirements like performance, scalability, usability, and, and, and.

The only way to do this effectively – the only way to manage the break-neck pace of continuous delivery is to employ automation practices.

That’s why Stonebranch exists and why our customers remain happy working with us over many years. We offer the most robust Workload Automation tools available. Our technology and people and processes help businesses stay ahead of the change curve.

So, I recommend the IDC workbook to anybody who is considering an automation tool or to anyone who is simply interested in learning more about the next great step in application development.

The workbook is a great asset that can help organizations understand how workload automation systems can help businesses navigate this new reality we all find ourselves in.

Your Modern and Efficient Automation Solution

Our Universal Automation Center simplifies the way data center personnel, application developers and users define and manage end-to-end SAP based processes and users can orchestrate and automate every step of their business processes as they run across SAP and non-SAP systems – resulting in overall faster processing.

Our customers have achieved this time and again. And they’ve gotten back to solving their business problems confident in knowing that Stonebranch has solved their IT problems.

We invite everyone to download it and learn more about the topic

Whether you are interested in learning more about DevOps Practice Traits or seeing how you rate on an Automation Maturity Model, this workbook has clear language and easily understandable images. Get the complimentary workbook here.

And for those who find the message more appealing and want to learn more, a recorded webinar from Nov 7, 2017 is available, hosting Stephen Elliot, Program Vice President, Management Software and DevOps at IDC on the same subject.

To partly answer that question, Stonebranch sponsored IDC research and publication of a new IDC Workbook – available now: THE ROLE OF WORKLOAD AUTOMATION IN DRIVING DIGITAL TRANSFORMATION.

This Article first appeared on LinkedIn November 2, 2017. 
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