Video & Webcast 5 Practical Ways to Meta-Orchestrate Automation Across Multi-Cloud, Hybrid Cloud, Containers and Beyond

Watch this webinar on-demand to get insights on multiple real-world examples of cloud automation and meta-orchestration, and learn how global enterprises centrally orchestrate automation across their cloud environments.

Many global organizations struggle to efficiently automate integrated workflows across their multi-cloud environments and hybrid IT ecosystems. Never-ending cloud migrations, on-premises-to-cloud data transfers, and container-deployment requests needlessly burden central IT teams and distract from strategic initiatives. It’s certainly possible to address these activities individually with random acts of automation and manual intervention, but why? There’s a better way!

Join Stonebranch’s Nils Buer, Director of Product Strategy (EMEA), and Huseyin Gomleksizoglu, Sr. Solution Engineer, as they walk through multiple real-world examples of cloud automation and meta-orchestration. These field-proven best practices offer insights into how global enterprises centrally orchestrate their cloud-based tasks, workflows, and various schedulers (tool built-in, open-source, cloud-native, and legacy)— without re-architecting anything. 

Watch this on-demand recording to:

  • Learn how you can unite your multi-cloud environments with a centralized orchestration approach.
  • Find out how to meta-orchestrate automated IT processes across on-prem systems, clouds, and containers.
  • Experience how to future-proof your automation program with the right integration strategy.
  • Discover industry-specific best practices for real-time automation, based on event triggers that allocate and execute runtime resources — without changing workload definitions.
  • Learn how organizations reduce virtual sprawl by automating on-demand container deployment and management.
  • Explore IT automation and orchestration techniques that enable cross-cloud and cross-application interoperability for a silo-free IT ecosystem.

Duration: 43:34

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