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Universal Controller

Workload Automation Software

Universal Controller is a modern workload automation solution that offers enterprise class features that can scale from just a few hundred to millions of tasks.

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Web-Based Application

Universal Controller is a pure web application that can be accessed from any web browser, making it much easier for users needing access to design, manage, and monitor workloads to deploy and maintain.


Universal Controller's Role-Based and Business Service concepts extend to providing custom user experiences based on the user's role, reducing training needs, and increasing both user acceptance and benefits for dynamic workload automation.

Business Application Integration

Universal Controller provides support for your business applications with the Universal Connectors. It also supports microservices and application APIs by means of REST and SOAP services. The Universal Task concept allows easy implementation and download of custom application integrations from Stonebranch’s marketplace.

Custom Reports & Dashboards

Universal Controller provides powerful reporting features, available right out of the box. Customization capabilities allow administrators and users to add charts, gauges, and reports to their individual, team, or global dashboards.

Life Cycle Management for Workload Automation Definitions

With built-in bundle and promotion capabilities, workflows can be developed and tested in isolation from production before being deployed. These features include scheduled deployment, automatic versioning and the capability to review and back-out changes. DevOps tools are supported with a rich set of rest API functions, and developers can create and maintain workload definitions in JSON or XML.

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Flexible Orchestration for Today's Dynamic Automation Needs

Universal Controller is an enterprise job scheduler and workload automation broker that allows you to manage the workload of your entire enterprise on any platform, from a web-based interface.

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Product Architecture

Universal Controller's (UC) architecture is simple to implement and maintain, supports commodity hardware and infrastructure, and yet scales to support even the largest job scheduling environments. Our cutting-edge technology is built upon a highly portable architecture with built-in fault tolerance and failover capabilities. The UC itself runs in an Apache Tomcat web application container, therefore supporting all operating systems with a Java runtime. It relies on a relational database. The Universal Agents are connected via a middleware message service called OMS, which provides fault-tolerant communication between the controller and agents.

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Why Choose Universal Controller?

Automation Simplified

Lower the entry barriers for workload automation to enable more users to automate applications and prevent skill shortages.

Agile Enterprise

Real-time dynamic IT automation that promotes competitive advantages and leverages digital transformation.

Fewer Manual Errors

Eliminate over 90% of manual errors by automating repetitive tasks.

360-degree Visibility

Complete visibility of enterprise workloads and processing using active service level management.

Increased Efficiency

Manage workloads more effectively and streamline processes in order to deliver more, faster and cheaper.


Ensure compliance with a centralized audit trail of your processes, errors and remediation.

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