Analyst Report SAPinsider Benchmark Report: Analytics in the Cloud

Data and analytics professionals are looking to the cloud to gain end-to-end enterprise visibility and break down data silos. This report from SAPinsider explores how its members manage the intersection of analytics and the cloud.

Complexity and risk go hand-in-hand, and both have increased exponentially in the last decade. The SAPinsider benchmark report Analytics in the Cloud explores how organizations evolve their data and analytics portfolios to overcome their challenges and meet rising customer expectations.

SAPinsider recently surveyed 128 people within its community — all focused on data and analytics — to explore the role of the cloud in their analytics plans and strategies. This benchmark report highlights the challenges, actions, and strategies of the most successful data infrastructure transformations. 

Download the report to learn:

  • The challenges and benefits of data and analytics in the cloud
  • Best practices and recommendations to build cloud analytics capabilities
  • Which cloud technologies best support integrated data and analytics
  • How to make your business case for analytics in the cloud 

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