Success Story

BP's Cloud-First Approach with SaaS-Based Workload Automation

Learn how BP made a strategic decision to transform from a traditional international oil company into a modern integrated energy company that takes a cloud-first approach.

British Petroleum (BP) discusses some of the strategic solutions they're orchestrating with Stonebranch Universal Automation Center (UAC).

For your convenience, we've highlighted key segments from the webinar below. Browse these bite-size bits in a timeline view, or scroll all the way down to watch the webinar in full.

"The availability outcome or improvement that we had with the SaaS UAC was astonishing. We used to need at least 10 hours per quarter of planned outages or downtime in our legacy solution. We were very happily surprised that, to do a full upgrade of the UAC system, it only takes 30 minutes.”

Massimo Leoni
IT&S Integration and Automation Portfolio Owner


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