Video & Webcast Stonebranch Innovation Europe 2022. Highlights and Exceptional Moments from Amsterdam

A few of the most awesome moments from Europe's premier IT automation event for Stonebranch customers, partners and prospects.

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Innovation Europe is Stonebranch's premier European event for IT automation professionals who want to deepen their knowledge and network with Stonebranch customers, partners, and like-minded peers. During this event, participants have the opportunity to hear about the latest trends in real-time hybrid IT automation, experience hands-on guidance, learn proven automation best practices, and gain insights from other Stonebranch users.

Have a watch and get inspired by some of the most exceptional highlights and moments from Innovation Europe 2022, held at the Trippenhuis in Amsterdam, including testimonials from top-rated customers like Achmea, VIP, KBC Group, and more.


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