Community Event: NORDICS

Stonebranch Nordic User Group - SNUG 2022

Ballerup/Copenhagen – October 26, 2022
at KMD A/S Headquarters


What is SNUG 2022?

The Stonebranch Nordic User Group (SNUG) 2022 is a leading IT automation event for Stonebranch customers, partners, and like-minded peers in the Nordic region who want to share strategies and successes with each other.

SNUG 2022 offers a rich selection of topics designed to make your total conference experience informative, relevant, and actionable. Improve your automation education by interacting with hybrid IT automation and job scheduling experts from KMD, Coop Denmark, Datab, Stonebranch, and more. It's all happening on October 26 in Ballerup/Copenhagen at KMD A/S headquarters.

What you need to know! The facts about SNUG 2022.


Main Conference
Wednesday, October 26, 2021
9:30 AM – 3:45 PM CET



KMD A/S - Headquarters
Lautrupparken 40-42
2750 Ballerup, Denmark

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DGI Byen Bowling
Tietgensgade 65
1704 Copenhagen



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Impressions from SNUG 2021

Featured Sessions

Conference Opening and Update

SNUG kicks off on October 26, 2022, in Copenhagen. Rigas Paschaloudis, EVP Sales EMEA and APAC at Stonebranch, Clas Jacobsson, Owner at Datab, and Hans Andersen, IT Consultant at Datab, welcoming you to this event with a brief corporate update and the latest and most significant insights.

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Featured Sessions

Stonbranch UAC Roadmap & Future Outlook

In this session, Melahat Elis, Vice President of Product Management at Stonebranch, will share insights on the continuing evolution of Universal Automation Center including roadmap udates, Universal Data Mover Gateway and more. She will also deep-dive into some very exciting platform updates (UAC Release 7.3).

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Featured Sessions

Best Practice: Self-Service Automation at Coop Denmark

Palle Vesterlund, IT Automation Specialist at Coop Denmark, is an established customer speaker at SNUG. He will give us an update on the Stonebranch solution at Coop Denmark. Learn how the largest retailer in Denmark uses UAC to power self-service automation. In addition, Palle will give an update on the latest activities of the Nordics User Group (Blog, ERFA) and future plannings.

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Featured Sessions

Best Practice: UAC Technical Deep-Dive

In this presentation, Svend Aage Svendsen, Systems Programmer at KMD A/S, will share best prractices on how to enable global variables, the utilization of OPC Job Trigger Datasets on MVS via Windows, and more.

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Featured Sessions

Live-Demo UAC 7.3 and Universal Data Mover Gateway

Thurstan Johnston, Senior Solution Engineer at Stonebranch, will introduce all relevant features of UAC 7.3. In addition, he will demonstrate the latest updates and developments of the Universal Data Mover Gateway.

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Who Should Participate?

Automation for What's Next — Staying Ahead in the Age of Digital Change. 

SNUG 2022 focuses on how organizations can keep pace with the rapid rate of change that is occurring in IT, including hybrid cloud orchestration, DevOps, big data, and IoT. Stonebranch shares its strategic plans for providing the solutions needed to keep our customers, partners, and like-minded peers relevant and future-focused in this fast-paced world.

Stonebranch Customers

  • Learn from peers as they share live demos, quick wins, lessons learned, and strategies that set their automation environment up for success.

Industry Experts

  • Discover how the Stonebranch solution portfolio addresses the latest trends and challenges in IT automation, and see what's coming in the near future.

Stonebranch Partners

  • Gather invaluable knowledge to better understand the capabilities of the Universal Automation Center and emerging technologies of the future. 

Like-Minded Peers

  • Whether you're a tech professional or citizen automator, sharpen your skills and gain expert knowledge to extend the capabilities of the Universal Automation Center.