Managed File Transfer with the Universal Data Mover (UDM) The Centralized and Self-Managing File Transfer Solution – Secure and Reliable

Universal Data Mover is rich with features that provide automation and integration. A centralized and self-managing solution built for integration with your workload automation tools, delivering a unified strategy for moving large files between legacy and distributed applications.

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Universal Data Mover Secure and reliable file transfer for the data center

Universal Data Mover provides the features and capabilities needed to implement advanced management and automation of the business processes dependent on the data moving and data transfers throughout the IT infrastructure.

Secure, fault tolerant protocol

Centralized audit and reporting 

Built-in file monitoring and web services

Third party transfers

Advanced scripting

Integrated monitoring and alerts

Take a Look at the Key Features

Centralized Audit and Reporting

Detailed information on all Universal Data Mover activities is maintained in a central repository and made available for auditing and reporting purposes.

Fault Tolerant Protocol

On TCP/IP networks the most common events that interrupt long running transactions such as file transfers are temporary in nature. Universal Data Mover uses a fault tolerant protocol that is capable of automatically and seamlessly reestablishing a network session so that your files are transferred without interruption or manual intervention.

Secure Protocol

Universal Data Mover is implemented using the SSL standard. SSL provides encryption and data authentication capabilities. Out of the box, all control information such as user names and passwords are encrypted. You can deploy and enforce encryption for your files globally or on an as-needed basis. Data authentication ensures that your files are delivered uncorrupted and complete.



Advanced Scripting

While basic file transfers are quickly and easily implemented, powerful automation logic can be implemented with the Universal Data Mover advanced scripting. With the capabilities and flexibility of many familiar scripting languages, Universal Data Mover allows you to automate complex business processes involving file transfer and processing.

3rd Party Transfers

A unique feature of Universal Data Mover is its capability to remotely initiate, manage, and monitor file transfers between two servers from a third “control point” server. This capability allows seamless integration with your existing workload automation tools and processes.

Built-in File Monitoring and Web Services

Universal Data Mover provides dynamic file and application monitoring capabilities that automate and coordinate file transfer activities for business related events. Universal Data Mover application monitors use web services interface supporting SOAP, JMS, and MQ Series protocols.

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