Stonebranch Launches Business-to-Business Data Transfer Solution

Stonebranch Universal Data Mover Gateway (UDMG) is a secure, reliable B2B managed file transfer (MFT) platform to share data between business partners, vendors, and suppliers.

ALPHARETTA, GA. – July 12, 2022 – Stonebranch, a leading provider of service orchestration and automation solutions, today announced the release of Universal Data Mover Gateway (UDMG), a proprietary B2B managed file transfer (MFT) software solution that securely transfers data from one enterprise to another.

“Sharing data between organizations is a mission-critical component of today’s complex business landscape,” said Giuseppe Damiani, CEO at Stonebranch. “UDMG offers these enterprises the confidence that their data — whether confidential, proprietary, or personally identifiable — is safe and secure across the entire transaction.”

UDMG is a B2B managed file transfer (MFT) solution that’s fully encrypted, compressed, and fault-tolerant. As part of the Universal Automation Center, Stonebranch’s flagship service orchestration and automation platform, UDMG rounds out Stonebranch’s MFT offering. UDMG joins the Universal Data Mover (UDM), which is an MFT solution designed to transfer data within an enterprise network.

“Fully integrating managed file transfer into Universal Automation Center sets Stonebranch apart,” said Peter Baljet, CTO at Stonebranch. “File transfers are one of the most common types of jobs scheduled in IT automation platforms, often appearing multiple times within the same process workflow. Being able to manage both the task and the process simultaneously makes life so much easier for IT Ops, DevOps, and DataOps teams alike.”

When UDMG and UDM are combined with the workload automation and scheduling components of the UAC, enterprises are empowered to share data in real-time, both internally and externally with business partners. The UAC platform allows end-users to move data from on-premises to the cloud, and between clouds, in a multi-cloud environment.

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About Stonebranch

Stonebranch builds IT orchestration and automation solutions that transform business IT environments from simple IT task automation into sophisticated, real-time business service automation. No matter the degree of automation, the Stonebranch platform is simple, modern, and secure. Using the Stonebranch Universal Automation Platform, enterprises can seamlessly orchestrate workloads and data across technology ecosystems and silos. Headquartered in Atlanta, Georgia, with points of contact and support throughout the Americas, Europe, and Asia, Stonebranch serves some of the world's largest financial, manufacturing, healthcare, travel, transportation, energy, and technology institutions.