Stonebranch Online 2021 – Educational Forum

Explore the continuing evolution of IT automation and its impact on successful digital transformations.

Stonebranch Online 2021 is a month-long virtual summit that deep dives into the best strategies and tactics to orchestrate the workflows across IT Ops, DevOps, and DataOps teams. 

Join analysts, customers, and Stonebranch executive speakers as they present automation success stories, platform roadmaps, technical demonstrations, and roundtable sessions. This event is for anybody who needs to keep pace with the rapid rate of change occurring in the world of IT automation. 

Live sessions include topics on real-time workload automation, multi-cloud and hybrid IT orchestration, data pipeline orchestration, jobs-as-code, and more.

Virtual Summit
Sep 28, 2021 – Oct 28, 2021
Every Tuesday and Thursday at 9 AM ET/3 PM CET

Industry experts and analysts, customers, and Stonebranch executives

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