Blog Post Introducing Stonebranch Online – Overview of this Must-See Virtual Event Series

This virtual education series includes topics on IT automation, cloud automation, infrastructure-as-code and the latest Stonebranch product updates.

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IT automation has many different applications, whether it be to create new competitive advantages, adapt to the work-from-home environment, enable your workforce, or simply to control costs. At Stonebranch, our ultimate goal is to be a source of support, helping IT teams stay relevant and future-focused during this very interesting and fast-moving time.

The Stonebranch Online Educational Forum is a new month-long virtual event series that featuring sessions from several customer speakers and Stonebranch executives. The entire series is designed to both inspire imagination and help you take action.

The series starts off with an amazing keynote from Sebastiaan Kalshoven, Head of IT at ING Group on May 14. From there, we are running a new live session every Tuesday and Thursday until June 18th. Through each session, you will have access to customer best-practices, new product demos, and a whole host of industry expertise. Read on to learn more about a few of our featured sessions.

Session Highlight: Keynote Kickoff - The Road to One Platform

May 14, 2020 | 10 AM EST

When ING began their digital transformation, they were a bank with an IT department. Now, ING considers themselves to be an IT company that also provides powerful, reliable and innovative modern banking solutions to customers worldwide. Sebastiaan Kalshoven, Head of IT for Strategic Core Banking Platform at ING Group, will take you through ING's journey by highlighting the strategic initiatives his team undertook to ensure ING's future as an agile digital force in the banking industry. In his keynote, Sebastiaan will describe:

  • Key drivers of ING's digital transformation
  • The importance and results of a company-wide mindset shift
  • Enterprise-wide change and its impact

Sebastiaan will share ING's story through examples, anecdotes and the breakdown of key strategic projects that have made a positive and inspiring impact, changing the organization for the long-term. Register now for the Stonebranch Online Keynote with Sebastiaan Kalshoven.

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Session Highlight: Infrastructure-as-Code for Automated Self-Service Cloud Deployments

May 28, 2020 | 10 AM EST

You don’t have to be a cloud developer or engineer these days to use the cloud, or to optimize it to fit your organization’s needs. Stonebranch’s new Infrastructure-as-Code Universal Task automates and simplifies the whole self-service infrastructure provisioning process. Why use infrastructure-as-code to help manage your cloud environment? Infrastructure-as-code enables enterprises to automate the deployment of virtual resources including virtual machines and cloud storage through a standard template in JSON, XML, or YAML format (all without the IT team lifting a hand). During this session, Alex Sushko, solutions engineer at Stonebranch, will explain how to:

  • Automate the deployment of pre-approved cloud resources on platforms like AWS, Azure and Google Cloud, without ever having to go into the providers portal
  • Standardize virtual machine deployments with templates created for any public cloud service provider
  • Empower end-users to spin up temporary cloud resources on-demand. Great for business analysts, technology managers, business users, developers and more
  • Develop workflows that automate the entire lifecycle, including shutting down infrastructure to reduce VM sprawl
  • Proactively optimize cloud costs – control consumption costs through pre-approved templates that match specific end-user scenarios (versus arbitrarily spinning up too much or too little cloud space)

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Additional Sessions:

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We welcome customers, partners, and anyone else interested in IT automation to attend this event. The series will be especially helpful for Stonebranch end users looking to maximize their return on investment. Each session is a great place to gather new use case ideas for your own IT environment. If you would like to attend the entire series, please leverage our Auto-Register for All Sessions form. Or simply visit the full series calendar to pick and choose which sessions you’d like to join. We look forward to seeing you online.

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