Temenos T24

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Product number: SB10172
Product information "Temenos T24"

Temenos T24 Transact core banking software is a real-time core banking system and this integration with T24 allows UAC to Schedule, trigger & Monitor the Daily Close of Business (COB) process in the T24 System automatically it also helps to build your own COB workflow including the COB Pre and post-COB conditions that are critical for the COB execution process.

Please be noted that COB Monitoring with this Integration is about looking for active COB agents in TSM. For Detailed COB Monitoring please use the universal extension "Temenos COB Monitor" which gives a view of COB execution status by phase-wise, Notify Batch Failures, Dashboard & Reporting.

 So, this universal Task along with Temenos COB Monitoring universal extension provides effective COB Monitoring capabilities.


Key Features

This Universal Extension provides the following key features:

  • The ability to schedule, automate and execute Daily COB in T24 via the Stonebranch Universal Controller

  • Monitoring COB run from an overall perspective is only possible from this Integration. In order to facilitate COB stage-wise monitoring its is required COB Monitor universal extension plugin from the integration Hub

  • UAC helps to monitor the COB execution progress and alert in case of failures or slowness in the execution process

  • Tailoring the Daily COB execution process using the UAC workflow including COB Pre and Postconditions

  • Some of the key T24 functionalities supported are as follows :

    • Start/Stop Actions 

      • Start/Stop TSM service

      • Start/Stop/Monitor COB Service

      • Start TSM in Phantom Mode

    • Status Check Actions

      • Check Agent Status in T24

      • Check COB Status

      • Check TSM Status

      • Fetch COB Batch status

      • Clear TSA Status

    • COB Precheck Action

      • COB Date check 

      • Holiday Calendar check

      • EB EOD Error Check

    • Report

      • COB Report RT & JT Analyze

    • Other

      • Run a DBTOOL command (OSF or JQL or SQL  ) in T24

Universal Template Name: Temenos
Version: 1.1.4
Vendor: Temenos
Type: Free
Compatibility : UC/UA 7.1 and above
Support: Community Created
Please visit this link to find key features, prerequisites, installation instructions, configuration instructions, and examples of how to use this integration.