Salesforce: Create Contact and Lead Object

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Product number: SB10092.2
Product information "Salesforce: Create Contact and Lead Object"

This integration allows users to create contact and lead objects in Salesforce and execute Salesforce Object Query Language (SOQL) queries. 

Key Features:

  • Allows advanced automation by enabling the creation of Salesforce objects (e.g., contacts and leads) from the Stonebranch Universal Controller, as well as event-based triggers.
  • Use the Salesforce Object Query Language (SOQL) to search your organization's Salesforce data for specific information. SOQL is similar to the 'select' statement in SQL, but specifically for Salesforce data.
  • With SOQL, users can construct simple but powerful query strings and execute them from within the Universal Controller.
Product Component: Universal Agent, Universal Controller
Vendor: Salesforce
Type: Free
Compatibility : UC/UA 7.0 and above
Support: Community Created
Please visit this link to find key features, prerequisites, installation instructions, configuration instructions, and examples of how to use this integration.