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Universal Connector for SAP

Automate your business critical SAP processes and workflows for secure end-to-end data supply. Increase the value of your SAP investment and enter the world of dynamic IT automation by seamlessly integrating your SAP background processes across the entire application automation landscape.

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Vendor Independence

Universal Connector for SAP can connect and work with any automation engine available in client environments. Furthermore, Universal Connector protects your existing automation technology investments, allowing you to pursue a ‘best of breed’ approach for your individual automation needs.

SAP Release-Independent

Based on SAP-certified standard interfaces, Universal Connector for SAP provides agent-less connection to any SAP system or component, ensuring release independence for any SAP system upgrade.

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Universal Connector for SAP can handle multiple automation and workload or scheduling engines simultaneously, minimizing the administrative overhead of multiple agent installations and providing a reusable gateway into the SAP landscape.


Universal Connector for SAP provides a secure software platform for all automation needs – starting from TCP/IP-based TLS 1.2 communication in conjunction with SAP’s RFC or secure RFC connectivity, all the way through to certificate-based authentication for encrypting communication data channels.

Easy Maintenance and Installation

Being available in a single installation package for all components, the Universal automation architecture offers simple and easy installation and maintenance. Once installed, it is easy to activate and deactivate the functionalities available with the mere ‘click of a button’ and without any additional technology.

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Enhanced Functionality for Today's Dynamic Automation Needs

Certified by SAP for the latest SAP HANA and SAP NetWeaver versions, it becomes a standards-based SAP workload automation solution that can be integrated into any available automation technology. In conjunction with Stonebranch’s unique Universal Automation Center technology, it is the essential enterprise workload automation solution for 21st Century.

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Product Architecture

As an extension to Stonebranch’s sole Universal Agent (UA) technology, Universal Connector for SAP extends the workload automation capability to the critical SAP landscape in client environments. Connecting to any given automation engine, the Universal Connector for SAP – as an extension to the UA – allows transparent integration of business-critical SAP processes into enterprise-wide workload automation solutions. Based on a simple command line interface, Universal Connector can be addressed by any application or automation engine to initiate, manage and control SAP-based business processes, regardless of process type – including ABAP, process chain, InfoPackage, mass activity, Batch Input Map (BIM), among others. Using standard, SAP-provided interfaces such as XBP and Schedule Manager, Universal Connector requires no software installation within the SAP system, making it independent of SAP release management.

SAP Automation Benefits

Deploying Universal Connector for SAP in conjunction with Universal Controller further enhances the functionality and establishes the foundation for dynamic automation environments based on best-of-breed technologies, making you independent from just one specific vendor!

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Accelerate Business Processing

Run faster business processes across SAP systems and non-SAP systems.

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Improve Efficiency

Reduce manual effort and the risk of errors by automating your processes.

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Increase Revenue

Provide business value by integrating SAP automation that leverages your existing investments.

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Stay Compliant

Full Audit trail makes audit worries a thing of the past.

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Reduce Costs

Ease of use reduces start-up time and overall adoption of solution.

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Improved Control

Increased transparency, control, visibility and auditability of end-to-end SAP processes.

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