Automate your business critical end-to-end SAP job scheduling processes and workflows reliable and secure.

Enterprise Job Scheduling for End-to-End Data Supply with Universal Connector for SAP Orchestrate your business critical SAP background processes with Stonebranch

Automate your business critical SAP processes and workflow for secure end-to-end data supply. Stonebranch provides agile, innovative and cost-effective automation and integration solutions to enhance your business critical SAP background processes. Increase the value of your SAP ecosystem and enter the world of automation. For faster processing, reduced risk, increased visibility, optimized reliability and best-in-class return on automation.

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Improve your Operational Quality Immediately, Eliminate Technology Silos and Increase IT Effectiveness of your SAP Background Processes Don’t feel locked by your existing SAP job scheduler environment

For a fully automated business process across the entire IT landscape independently and universal, no matter if it's cloud based, on-premise or hybrid. Our Universal Connector for SAP is certified by SAP for the latest SAP HANA and SAP Net Weaver Versions and can be used with any scheduler without installing an agent on your SAP system.

  • 100% web-based: enterprise job scheduling and workload automation solution.
  • Real-time control: Real-time dashboard, activity, and workflow monitor. Forecast capabilities to show when workload will execute. Extensive reporting via an integrated reporting engine.
  • SAP certified: Certified for the latest HANA and SAP Net Weaver versions and provides additional SAP Business Warehouse features.
  • Secure agent technology including integrated and secure managed file transfer for internal and external usage.
  • Secure and audit-proof processing: Fully automatic audit trails of the complete solution. Multi-tenant, role-based security concept supporting LDAP/AD. No local access the SAP system is required.
  • Automation of end-to-end SAP process: Every step of the business process as it runs across SAP and non-SAP systems is centrally orchestrated and automated to the highest degree.
  • Integrates with any scheduler: Can be used as part of Universal Automation Center. Integrates with any third-party scheduler, even on mainframe via CLI.

Watch our SAP XPRESS Conversion Video and see how Stonebranch can automate your SAP Scheduling

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Are you Ready to Experience the Benefits of an automatic conversion and optimization for native SAP Scheduling?

Learn how you can move from the native SAP CCMS based Job Scheduler (SM36) towards Universal Automation Center by using the Stonebranch Xpress Conversion Toolkit. 

After the transition, you will be able to define and schedule your SAP and Non-SAP Jobs entirely via the Universal Controller Web-GUI. No SAP-GUI Log-in is required anymore.

Universal Connector for SAP Architectural Overview

Why Choose Stonebranch? SAP Automation Benefits

Accerlate Business Processing

Run faster business processes across SAP systems and non-SAP systems.

Improve Efficiency

Reduce manual effort and the risk of errors by automating your processes.

Increase Revenue

Provide business value by integrating SAP automation that leverages your existing investments.

Stay Compliant

Full Audit trail makes audit worries a thing of the past.

Reduce Costs

Ease of use reduces start-up time and overall adoption of solution.

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