UAC Utility: Remote Controller

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Product number: SB10153.2
Product information "UAC Utility: Remote Controller"

Universal Task to launch, monitor, and return results from a task defined in a remote Universal Controller.

For customers who would like to manage tasks in one Universal Controller from another Universal Controller. Simply supply the target Universal Controller URL, valid credentials, and the name of a task defined to the target Universal Controller. Using the web service API's, the Universal Task launches the requested task by name, captures the new instance sysid, and uses this to track the status of the task. After completion, the output is retrieved if the task type supports this, and the Universal Task complete with the same exit code as the launched task.

Product Component: Universal Controller
Vendor: Stonebranch
Type: Free
Compatibility : UC/UA 6.9 and above
Support: Stonebranch Certified
Please visit this link to find key features, prerequisites, installation instructions, configuration instructions, and examples of how to use this integration.