Kubernetes: Automate Container Operations

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Product number: SB10099.2
Product information "Kubernetes: Automate Container Operations"

This integration allows users to run Kubernetes and perform the list (get), create, delete, and replace functions. 

Key Features:

  • This task is delivered as a built-in Universal Template from the Stonebranch Universal Controller (UC) release and higher.
  • Documentation is included in the UC 6.9 product documentation.
  • It provides the ability to automate Kubernetes container operations by providing tasks for the following Kubernetes functions: list, create, delete, and replace for Kubernetes Pods, Deployments, and Namespaces.
Product Component: Universal Agent
Vendor: Kubernetes
Type: Free
Compatibility : UC/UA 6.9 and above
Support: Stonebranch Certified
Please visit this link to find key features, prerequisites, installation instructions, configuration instructions, and examples of how to use this integration.

Kubernetes: Automate Container Operations Documentation