Google BigQuery: Schedule, Trigger, Monitor, and Orchestrate Operations

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Product number: SB10113.2
Product information "Google BigQuery: Schedule, Trigger, Monitor, and Orchestrate Operations"

This integration allows users to schedule, trigger, monitor, and orchestrate the Google BigQuery process directly from the Universal Controller.

Key Features: 

Users can perform the below Google BigQuery operations:

  • BigQuery SQL.
  • List dataset.
  • List tables in a dataset.
  • View job information.
  • Create a dataset.
  • Load local file to a table.
  • Load cloud storage data to a table.
  • Export table data.

Additional Info:

  • This task uses Python google-cloud-bigquery and google-auth modules to make REST API calls to Google BigQuery.
  • This task will use the GCP project ID, BigQuery SQL or schema, dataset ID, job ID, location, table ID, cloud storage URI, source file format as parameters of BigQuery function and GCP KeyFile (API KEY) of service account for authenticating the REST API calls to Google BigQuery.
Product Component: Universal Agent, Universal Controller
Vendor: Google
Type: Free
Compatibility : UC/UA 6.9 and above
Please visit this link to find key features, prerequisites, installation instructions, configuration instructions, and examples of how to use this integration.