Stonebranch Is Highly Secure, Says Cybersecurity Firm Secuvera

Universal Automation Center Demonstrates High Level of Security During Third Round of Pen Testing with Respected Cybersecurity Firm Secuvera.

Atlanta, USA | August 11, 2020 - Stonebranch Inc., a leading provider of IT orchestration and automation solutions, today announced that Universal Automation Center (UAC) has been classified as highly secure following a recent penetration test conducted by Secuvera, a BSI-certified IT security service provider.

"At Stonebranch, we approach cybersecurity as one of the most essential components of automating hybrid IT environments," said Melahat Elis, VP of Product Management at Stonebranch. "This recent round of cyber security testing further demonstrates the UAC’s fortitude as a reliable and secure hybrid IT automation platform," Elis continued.

Hybrid IT environments, typically comprised of a mix of on-prem and cloud platforms, pose unique security challenges for IT automation technologies such as traditional workload automation and job schedulers. Environmental variations increase the likelihood of critical vulnerabilities, which could leave enterprises exposed to potential cybersecurity threats.

This round of testing was specifically conducted to demonstrate the security of the UAC’s communication between the Universal Agent and an AWS hosted instance of the Universal Controller. Secuvera analyzed the encryption of this communication by attempting to manually intercept the data in transit. The tests were aligned to the penetration testing model of the German Federal Office for Information Security (BSI).

The results reaffirmed that the Stonebranch UAC supports the seamless management of moving encrypted data between on-prem and cloud systems, while mitigating risk and enhancing the security of mission-critical data.

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Stonebranch builds IT orchestration and automation solutions that transform business IT environments from simple IT task automation into sophisticated, real-time business service automation. No matter the degree of automation, Stonebranch platform is simple, modern, and secure. Using the Stonebranch Universal Automation Platform, enterprises can seamlessly orchestrate workloads and data across technology ecosystems and silos. Headquartered in Atlanta, Georgia, with points of contact and support throughout the Americas, Europe, and Asia, Stonebranch serves some of the world's largest financial, manufacturing, healthcare, travel, transportation, energy, and technology institutions.