The Solution for Today's Business Challenges

Universal Automation Center™ is an industry-awarded solution for today's challenging IT processing centers. The primary, and only user interface is 100% web-based and can be accessed and used, by admins as well as scheduling staff, from any web-enabled device, including your smartphone. The Universal Controller™ can run on Linux, Unix, or Windows. In addition, we have a variety of agents that can manage workload across the IT environment, including virtualized servers or cloud computing - where database and application tasks are base functionality, not licensed servers.

Our z/OS agent allows customers to eliminate MIPS/MSU-based pricing for the mainframe workload and also includes an integrated z/OS restart/rerun capabilities, at no additional charge. Enablement for the latest technology, like virtualization and cloud computing does not come in the form of acquired and/or bolted-on products, which often come with an extra price tag and maintenance cost. This capability are natural features due to the architecture of Universal Automation Center™, with new agents auto-registering with the controller, eliminating configuration effort and enabling immediate processing.

This easy-to-use automation tool is enabling the data center, application developers, and database administrators as well as other infrastructure personnel to simplify their daily tasks, and even accelerate the delivery of new business functionality.

Universal Automation Center™ was designed to exploit the latest Web 2.0 technology to provide a useable interface for IT and business users alike. Workflows can be constructed for logical business processes and can include various types of tasks, with different run frequencies, different start times, or a number of other variations designed into a single workflow. This can drastically reduce the number of definitions that must be maintained with other vendor products.

Let's take a look at each component of the Universal Automation Center™.

Universal Controller™ Workload Automation for the Modern Data Center - Business-Centric, Innovative, 100% web-based Workload Automation and Job Scheduling software solution that includes High Availability, Clustering, and Cloud-enablement as part of the base functionality.

Universal Agents - The only vendor-agnostic job scheduling agents on the market. Allowing customers to preserve their mainframe job schedulers and utilize a centrally skilled staff to manage enterprise workload.

Universal Data Mover™ - Managed File Transfer product that enables customers to securely and confidently move business data throughout their enterprise in the most efficient manner.

You Imagine IT. We Automate IT.