Webinar: Introducing Stonebranch Marketplace September 25, 2018 | Duration: 30 minutes at 04:30 PM CET | 10:30 AM EST

An educational webinar introducing usage and capabilities of the Stonebranch Marketplace. Presented by Alina Gabaraeva from Stonebranch.

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Tuesday, September 25, 2018 04:30 PM CET | 10:30 AM EST (Duration: 30 minutes)

Introducing the Stonebranch Marketplace

Learn how to get more out of Stonebranch workload automation software by increasing your knowledge and expanding your horizons with a free, educational webinar.

What is the Stonebranch marketplace? Our marketplace is a peer-to-peer add-on sharing space which enables users to build their own integration using generic Universal Task examples. With Stonebranch marketplace, we aim to provide an efficient open-source community for add-ons to Stonebranch products, such as Universal Tasks, Universal Data Mover Tasks, various connectors, etc.

Participants of this webinar will hear about how these add-ons will enhance experience while providing a forum for sharing best practices, open integration capabilities and product knowledge.

Speaker: Alina Gabaraeva, Product Marketing Specialist, Stonebranch

Alina Gabaraeva is responsible for driving product marketing of Stonebranch, with a strong focus on added value of Stonebranch's software portfolio in the field of workload automation. She has joined Stonebranch in the Year 2017.